Don’t let writer’s block stop you from writing

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I write each and every day – whether it be a feature, news article, client editorial, blog post or email. I’ve been writing professionally for years, and for pleasure way before that – so I am no stranger to writer’s block.

For me, it strikes most often when  I give myselffree rein. When I say ‘go on, write something creative’ or ‘start that novel’. Within the confines of my work life, where I use the same formula and follow the same style guide,  I very rarely struggle to turn an idea into reality.

I know that I’m not alone. So this is a friendly reminder to myself, as well as to you: don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Just start writing.

More often than not, writer’s block boils down to one thing – fear. Fear that your idea isn’t good enough, smart enough, funny enough or unique enough. Fear that you haven’t found your voice yet. Fear because you don’t know how to start your story, or where to end it. Fear that your first sentence won’t go down in history as one of the top 10 most memorable opening lines in modern novels.

But the thing is, if you never put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) you’ll, never know what you can achieve.

If an idea stays in your head, it will always be easy to convince yourself that it wasn’t a worthwhile idea. And if all you do is think about things in your head, you’ll never establish your writing voice.

So just write. Let the words out and see where they take you.

Write without judgement or censorship and allow your ideas to live and grow. Remember that you don’t have to show your writing to anyone until you’re ready and you don’t have to get it perfect the first time around. It’s making a start that really matters.

Log out of Facebook, turn the TV off, shut your inbox, and write.

Because your story is worth telling.


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5 thoughts on “Don’t let writer’s block stop you from writing

  1. Yes but will your sugguestion to just write work for an old hermit that lives in the woods.. a former bear hunter and fishing guide with no writing background? It seems every year around this time I just cannot put two sentences together that any of the hundreds that follow my blog would find interesting. I realy need something to cut through the fog of my mental morass.

    • I think it is applicable to anyone who WANTS to write. Whether you have formal qualifications, experience or a background in writing doesn’t matter at this stage. Just jotting down bullet points, a sentence, fragments of an idea and simply putting something on paper should help you sort you ideas, identify patterns or themes, highlight interesting tidbits or call to mind something you want to research further.
      The best part – if you write about something you’ve been thinking about for awhile and it turns out to be rubbish – at least you gave it a try and freed up some space for your mind to churn over new ideas.

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