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Brisbane Queeensland Australia landmarkYou guys, my brain is ready to explode.

It’s so full of ideas and thoughts and plans and knowledge and memories and inspiration and “I can”s and possibilities, such endless possibilities!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I hopped on a plane to Brisbane spend a weekend at The Blogcademy. It was such an inspiring, educational, insightful and exhilarating time. It was also the first time I’d travelled on my own – and apart from a couple of small freak outs (most related to navigation!) I think I did pretty well!

The Blogcademy headmistresses

Gala Darling, Kat Williams & Shauna Haider

I’ll be sharing more Blogcademy goodness in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get stuck into some “meaty and sticky” posts! I’ll also be doing a lot of behind the scenes blog work, that hopefully will translate into a better reader experience :)

Gala Darling The Blogcademy headmistress

Gala & I

This edition’s ‘little things’:

~ Feeling inspired and excited ~ Meeting a bunch of smart and sassy business minded babes in Brisbane ~ Watching the OC (and singing along to the theme song) ~ Sons of Anarchy. Always Sons of Anarchy ~ Krispy Kreme donuts (and OMG cronuts)  ~ chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries ~ Flying Qantas ~ Pool walking ~ The cone of silence ~ Crafting for the ham-fisted ~ Lush pampering ~ Japanese face masks ~ Learning ~

Kat Williams Rock n Roll Bride The Blogcademy

Kat & I

And the things that have kept me entertained:

What was the highlight of your week? Tell me about the things that made you smile!

I’m also on Twitter now @skullcrosstales – come say hi!

PS – I wish I had a photo with Shauna to complete the set! Come back to Aus soon girls!!