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Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. I feel like the name really says it all. This iconic product has a well earned reputation among its legion of fans. But for those of you who haven’t been formally introduced, get ready. I’m about to blow your mind.

Lucas Papaw Ointment

Found on the must-have beauty products list of many celebrities and recently named the 2013 Product of the Year by Priceline, this thick, delicious ointment really is a miracle worker. It is available in an iconic red tube (25mg) or in two red tub sizes (75g and 200gm) and the formula has remained unchanged for 100 years. Way back in 1906, botanist T.P. Lucas believed that the papaw was the finest natural medicine yet discovered. With both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is a tropical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.

I’ve used it for all of those things (except nappy rash and switching gravel rash for pash rash) but have found that it is useful for so much more. At the moment I have a tube by my bed, a tube in the bathroom and a tube in my handbag. I have serious dependency issues when it comes to this stuff.

The thing I love most about Papaw Ointment is that it is incredibly gentle. My skin gets super dry and can also be incredibly sensitive, but I have never had a problem whacking this stuff on to any of my body parts. Obviously everyone is different so do a patch test before you use it the first time but then, behold, the many off-label uses:

1.      Lip balm – some might say the.best.lip balm.ever. It is nourishing and moisturising, absorbs well and is perfect for sunburnt lips or dry, chapped lips from the cold. Unlike some other products, it doesn’t dry your lips out in the long term, and because it’s not a typical ‘beauty’ product, lots of menfolk like to use it too.

2.     Repairing a sore, dry, sick nose – you know what I mean. When I have a cold allergies and have to blow my nose every five minutes it doesn’t matter how soft the tissues are, my nose is bound to get dry and red but most of all, sore. I’ve tried any number of creams and lotions to soothe it and even the gentlest of them have stung the crap out of my nose. In contrast, Papaw is all soothage, no stingage. Smear on a thin layer for instant relief, or a thicker layer at night time to really get to work on that damaged skin. Because I am gross, I’ve also be known to squirt it up my nose when cold and flu medicines have left me with a Sahara situation in my nose.

3.     Under eye moisturiser – I’m sure I can’t be the only one who gets incredibly dry skin under their eyes? Not only is it uncomfortable, but it makes it really hard to use any kind of concealer. That’s why I’ve started using a swipe of Papaw Ointment under my eyes before I go to bed at night. Hello intense hydration and good morning soft, supply under eye skin!

4.     Healing tattoos – every time I’ve had a tattoo done, the artist recommends either Papaw Ointment or a nappy rash cream. And sure, the nappy rash cream works just fine – but it’s slimy, greasy, hard to wash off and SMELLS like nappy rash cream! Papaw Ointment is gentle enough to use on a fresh tattoo. It rubs in nicely, yet still leaves a protective layer. The scent isn’t too strong and it is perfect for anyone who uses the wet healing method. Just wash with a fragrance free, low allergenic soap, pat dry and rub in the ointment and you’re good to go.

5.     Crunchy hands – I have a horrendous habit of picking my fingers. Not just my cuticles, but the skin all around my nails. They get bloody and raw and look a real mess, so before I go to bed I lather my hands up with the Papaw Ointment. It’s soothing and moisturising, and helps make the skin less ‘pick-able.’ Lovely.

6.     Crunchy feet – because it’s nice and thick, this stuff works wonders for dry, cracked, calloused feet. For maximum penetration (ha) use a thick layer of it at night. Cover with socks if you don’t want your sheets to get greasy.

7.     Pet owwies – I have been known, on more than one occasion, to slap some Papaw Ointment on my gorgeous but accident prone pup. Small cuts from fighting with the cat? Dry nose from snuffling on the bricks? Prickle stuck between his toes? Just wipe a bit of this stuff on and watch it work its magic. I would check with your vet first if you intend to use it on your pooch, but mine has never had any issues. In fact he loves this stuff so much that sometimes before I go to bed, after I’ve wiped it under my eyes and on my hands, I’ll rub the leftovers on his nose, just to watch him lick it off. Just like me, Mack can’t get enough Papaw in his life.

8.     Scar relief – I have a few surgical scars on my stomach, one of which is right in line with my belly button. High waisted pants rub on it and either make it sore or itchy – Papaw Ointment is soothing and relieves the itching. I’m also of the opinion that massaging the scars regularly with Papaw is just as effective as any specialist ‘scar serums’, and much less expensive.

Those are my top uses, but you can also use this ish on dry elbows, mild dermatitis, splinters, haemorrhoids, cracked nipples and eczema, as a lubricant, after waxing (but be sure to exfoliate well as this is a thick cream), to remove makeup, to smooth eyebrows and tame fly aways, and as a barrier cream when dying your hair or eyebrows.

Lucas Papaw Ointment

I am particularly loyal to the Lucas’ brand because which contains 39mg/g Carica papaya (fresh fermented fruit). I have tried other brands only to be sorely disappointed when the papaw is way down the bottom of the ingredient list (in one brand it is second last only to fragrance) and the recommended uses are only for dry lips.

The Lucas brand does contain pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly, so it may not be everyone’s jam, but it is free of polyplasdone, polyvinylpyrrolidone, talc, shellac and sodium lauryl sulphate.

Currently the Lucas brand is only available in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong, although can you buy it on EBay and Amazon. The company’s website informs me that you can also contact them directly to order a maximum of 850gm, as long as it’s not for resale (trust me, you’ll want to keep it all for yourself).

Neither the package or the company’s website shows a full ingredient list (so be sure to double check with them if you have any allergy concerns) but I think that’s only because they want to keep the fact that it’s made with rainbows, sunshine and unicorn tears a secret.

So tell me, have you tried Lucas’ Papaw Ointment? What do you use it for? Has it changed your life like it has mine?

*This is not a sponsored post, just a product that I am ridiculously in love with and want to share with the world. But not my tube, you’ll have to get your own. 

Gratuitous pet shot - these guys love Papaw Ointment too!

Gratuitous pet shot – these guys love Papaw Ointment too!