Lets make a deal.

You forgive me for not writing an “it’s the little thingspost in a gazillion years, and I’ll promise to share alternating Frivolous Friday and “it’s the little things” posts every week. Sound good?

It’s been a long and busy week at this end of the world. A public holiday last Monday, although very nice, put us behind at work, and when you’re working to a publishing deadline every fortnight, each day matters! This week has shown me that it really is the little things that matter!

This edition’s ‘little things’:

New music from Lorde and Juan Alban ~ Newly dyed red hair ~ Smiths Mocha Rose with Vanilla lip balm, gifted from a friend ~ New episodes of Sons of Anarchy ~ The warm weather on the horizon ~ Sleeping with the fan on ~ Watching Breaking Bad from the beginning and finally getting what all the cool kids are talking about ~ New tattoos (more on that soon!) ~ chocolate mousse ~ sourdough toast with ALL THE BUTTER ~ having a sister that lives less than five minutes down the road ~ new bathers and everything they represent ~ getting excited for the Blogcademy & my trip to Brisbane (!!!!)


And the things that have kept me entertained:

What are you grateful for this week? What little things make your day brighter? 

PS – I’ve just created a Facebook page for the blog – its a little lonely at the moment, so please stop by and say hi! You can also follow me on Instagram (@skullandcrosstales)

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