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I almost don’t want to remind you how long it has been since my last ‘It’s the little things’ post.Rather than make excuses, I’m going to jump right in: in honour of Valentine’s Day, i present the luuurve edition.

The things i love that i can share with you:

The things i love that i don’t want to share with you:

  • My air conditioning – holy moly i am an entirely different person when i can’t escape the heat!
  • My husband – who installed said air conditioning and lets me leave it on all night even though its bound to make our electricity bill smash through the ceiling
  • My uncle and cousin – who even though we normally only see them about once a year helped us move house. We literally could not have done it without them
  • And also my parents – who seemed to have boundless energy when it came to wrangling two (or three) dogs, packing and unpacking boxes, cleaning and making our new house habitable
  • Early Easter treats – chocolate hot cross buns, speckled eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs, MaltEaster Bunnies – i just can’t get enough of em!
For some reason wordpress wants my bookshelves to be sideways...

For some reason wordpress wants my bookshelves to be sideways…


And last up – they say that a change is as good as a holiday, but i call bullshit on that one, mainly because of the whole ‘i still have to go to work’ part. I am, however, loving my new hair cut and colour and am so grateful to have found an amazing hair dresser who actually listens to what you want and then does what you want, instead of either just not listening or listening but then doing what they want anyway.

Dark and mysterious

Dark and mysterious

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